Aqualine Aquatic Plants & Waterfeatures

Effective October 1, 2021, we  no longer keep regular store hours but we are available by appointment.

Its also a great time for making those changes to your existing pond you have been thinking of, like enlarging it or maybe creating a new one.
We have a great sale on EPDM Pond Liner, from September 20 – October 20, 2021, on existing stock.

Over 30 Years Expertise In Design, Consultation & Construction:

Aqualine is an Aquascape Dealer. See us for a complete line of  products, pumps, fountains, EPDM liner, AquaFlexpond liner, pond & dugout aeration, biofalls, skimmers and hose.  We also carry the best selection of aquatic plants, hardy water lilies and tropical water lilies.

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We have many beautiful water garden displays set in a natural setting, and which range in size from a large natural pond to a small pondless waterfall. Strolling through the beauty and tranquility of our water features, gives you the opportunity to visual the type of waterfeature that can be constructed in your own yard. Our aquatic greenhouse is also home to a beautiful cascading feather rock waterfall and pool, and with a wide variety of aquatic plants.

Call us for a consultation.  Our goal is to help you build and maintain the water feature of your dreams!

email: Ponds@AqualineWaterFeatures.com