Tropical Waterlilies

Albert Greenberg

Nymphaea ‘Albert Greenberg’ NOT AVAILABLE IN 2022

Flower Description: Rose-yellow blooms.  Flower shape is cup-like. 
Leaf Description: Heavily mottled foliage.
Comments: Very lovely fragrance.  Strong grower and bloomer. 
Sunlight: Tolerates partial shade (3-6 hours sun).
Size: Medium – large Day bloomer

August Koch

Nymphaea ‘August Koch’

Flower Description: Rich blue blossoms.  Flower shape is cup-like.
Leaf Description: Green leathery leaves.
Comments: Very pleasant fragrance.  Viviparous.  Compact growth,
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium size;  Day bloomer


Nymphaea ‘Avalanche’

Flower Description: almost white with a light blue edge,
Leaf Description: large oval emerald green and burgundy mottled leaves. . Its foliage tends to remain low and dense right to the water.
Comments: Avalanche Tropical Water Lily will grow to be about 8 inches tall at maturity, with a spread of 6-8 feet.
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Large;  Day bloomer

Director George T. Moore

Nymphaea ‘Director George T. Moore’

Flower Description: Deep violet-blue blooms.  Flower shape is open star.
Leaf Description: Many small green pads flecked with purple. 
Comments: Delightful fragrance.
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium;  Day bloomer

Evelyn Randig

Nymphaea ‘Evelyn Randig’

Flower Description: Deep raspberry pink flowers.  Flowers shape is cup like then full star.
Leaf Description: deep green, mottled leaves.
Comments: Slight fragrance.
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium;  Day bloomer


Nymphaea ‘Foxfire’ NOT AVAILABLE IN 2022

Flower Description: The long outer petals are medium blue and the short inner petals are a soft pink. Flowers shape is cup like then full star and measure 8-9 inches across.
Leaf Description:  19×17 inch maroon with green mottled leaves.
Comments: The plant spreads to a whopping 10 feet, which makes it perfect for any medium to large pond. This waterlily is one of the earliest to open.
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Large;  Day bloomer

Green Smoke

Nymphaea ‘Green Smoke’

Flower Description: Petals are chartreuse to light smoky blue. Flower shape is cup-like. 
Leaf Description: Pads are green and bronze specked with a wavy margin.
Comments: Pleasant fragrance. 
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium – large; Day bloomer


Nymphaea ‘Innocence’

Flower Description: Stunning, pure white blossoms. 
Leaf Description: The pads are beautifully mottled with heavy maroon blotches on a green background.
Comments: Viviparous; the uniquely large, pure white flower stands high above the water on an extremely robust stalk.
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium ; Day bloomer

Kathy McLane

Nymphaea ‘Kathy McLane’

Flower Description: rosy red flower that displays 48 petals at maturity.
Leaf Description: The mottling on the pads exhibits a pleasingly sharp contrast between a green background and deep maroon streaks.
Comments: Nymphaea ‘Kathy McLane’ was a chance seedling and was released to the trade in 2003.
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium; Day bloomer  

Laura Frase

Nymphaea ‘Laura Frase’ OUT OF STOCK 2022

Flower Description: Vibrant blue cup-shaped blooms
Leaf Description: round green leaves with subtle purplish blotches.
Comments: Flowers are fragrant
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium; Day bloomer  


Nymphaea ‘Missouri’

Flower Description: Large white flowers
Leaf Description: deep green
Comments: This is one of the largest varieties of tropical night bloomers on the market.
Sunlight: Night Bloomer
Size: Large;  


Nymphaea ‘Pamela’

Flower Description: Sky blue blossoms that open flat.
Leaf Description: New leaves are heavily mottled turning to green.
Comments: Excellent bloomer
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Large;  

Panama Pacific

Nymphaea ‘Panama Pacific’

Flower Description: Rich violet-purple blooms.  Flower shape is cup-like then star-like.
Leaf Description: deep green
Comments: Sweet fragrance.
Sunlight: Tolerates partial shade (3-6 hours)
Size: Medium;  Day bloomer

Purple Joy

Nymphaea ‘Purple Joy’

Flower Description: Blossom is edged with deep purple fading into brilliant white centers.
Leaf Description: deep green
Comments: Viviparous – Free flowering, fragrant
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium;  Day bloomer

Red Cup

Nymphaea ‘Red Cup’ NOT AVAILABLE IN 2022

Flower Description: Red, cup shaped blossoms.
Leaf Description: Red pads
Comments: The flowers open in the early evening and stay open till 8-9 in the morning.  Night blooming lilies are an excellent choice for those who have to work all day.
Sunlight: Night Bloomer
Size: Medium– large

Rhonda Kay

Nymphaea ‘Rhonda Kay’

Flower Description: Purple blossoms held high above the water.
Leaf Description: deep green
Comments: Can have many flowers open at once.  Additionally, Nymphaea ‘Rhonda Kay’ is one of the first waterlilies to open in the morning. 
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium to large;  Day bloomer

Shirley Bryne

Nymphaea ‘Shirley Bryne’

Flower Description: Deep pink blossoms with bright yellow centers. 
Leaf Description: Green foliage.
Comments: Viviparous. Excellent bloomer. 
Sunlight: Tolerates partial shade
Size: Medium;  Day bloomer

Star of Zanzibar

Nymphaea ‘Star of Zanzibar’

Description: Gorgeous blue flowers
Leaf Description: Green with richly speckled foliage
Comments: Winner of the prestigious Banksian Medal issued by the Royal Horticultural Society in August 2000 at the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society’s annual competition.
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium;  Day bloomer


Nymphaea ‘Tanzanite’

Description: Deep violet purple flowers with over 50 petals are a highlight of this plant.  Darker in color than any other purple waterlily on the market today its bright golden center offers a unique contrast to the overall color.
Leaf Description: Green with purple mottling
Comments: A nice compact growing waterlily that is very vigorous and usually has more than one flower open a day..
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium;  Day bloomer

Ultra Violet

Nymphaea ‘Ultra Violet’

Description: flowers are deep purple, darker than Director Moore, the darkest purple on the market today. The flower stands tall and consist of 70 petals which gives it the unique fullness.
Leaf Description: The pads are maroon color with slight splashes of lighter red. 
Comments: Awarded Best New Waterlily Hybrid Overall in the IWGS 2008 waterlily hybridizing contest.
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium;  Day bloomer

Virginia McLane

Nymphaea ‘Virginia McLane’

 Flower Description: vibrant deep red colored flower
Leaf Description: egg shaped mottled maroon pads. The pads have a variety of shades of green, similar in size and coloring to Nymphaea ‘William McLane’.
Comments: Virginia McLane’ was hybridized by Florida Aquatic Nurseries in 2006 and it got First Place Tropical Waterlily in the 2016 International Waterlily and Water Garden Society’s Annual Waterlily Contest. 
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium ;  Day bloomer

William McLane

Nymphaea ‘William McLane’

Flower Description: large deep blue flower deep which can turn to deep purple under certain conditions like cooler temperatures.
Leaf Description: pads are heavily mottled with large blotches of maroon on a green background.
Comments: Nymphaea ‘William McLane’ was a cross between Nymphaea ‘Green Smoke’ and and unknown tropical waterlily. It was released to the trade in 1998. It was awarded the Banksian Medal as the best new waterlily of the year in 1997 by the IWGS.
Sunlight: Full sun
Size: Medium ;  Day bloomer

Victoria Cruzania

Nymphaea ‘Victoria Cruzania’ NOT AVAILABLE IN 2022

This giant waterlily can produce leaves up to 2 meters in diameter. It does not grow well in our Alberta ponds unless it was in a heated tank. All parts of this plant – leaves, veins, flower buds – are armed with vicious spikes  that reach across the entire underside of the leaf surface. Aqualine has grown this giant waterlily in the greenhouse for personal interest and for show.