EPDM Liner

EPDM Liner

EPDM liner is easy to install. Won’t crack like concrete. Rugged and flexible. 20 year warranty. 45 mil EPDM Liner also has exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone, and oxidation. Cover with rocks and gravel to expand the life expectancy indefinitely.

We will cut liner to the length you require, or sell you a roll of liner uncut. Provide us with your pond dimensions, and we will help you calculate the size of liner you need.

Formula for calculating liner size:

  1. Start with the widest surface measurements of length and width. i.e. 12' wide by 8' long
  2. Calculate your depth and double it. i.e. 2' deep + 2' deep = 4' added
  3. Add in 1' overlap on each side to allow for bringing the liner onto the ground level, and tacking it down with rocks, etc. i.e. 1' + 1' = 2' added
  4. You now have an additional 6' in this example to add onto each of your length and width measurements, to calculate your liner material.
  5. 12' + 6' = 18' wide, and 8' + 6' = 14' long

One of your liner dimensions should be divisible by 5, as liner stock comes in incremental widths of 5?, starting with the 10? wide liner. We will not cut the liner width. In the example above, your liner size would have to be either 18' x 15', or 20' x 14'.

Underlayment Liner protection


Underlayment is installed before the liner to prevent punctures from rough or rocky ground. Not only does underlayment provide protection for the liner, it also allows the ground to breathe from underneath. The fabric allows the earth’s gases to escape from underneath the liner rather than becoming trapped, causing gas bubbles to push the liner up into the pond. This soft, non-woven geotextile made from polypropylene will last 20+ years under your liner. Our underlay comes in a 15? width, and can be cut to any length.

Note: The underlay fabric will wick water from your pond to the ground if you are installing it OVER your liner and if it is allowed to touch the surrounding soil.  Always ensure that the edges of the geotextile do not come in contact with the surrounding soil when you are using it under this circumstance.

Pond Overlay


Protect your liner by installing a barrier fabric on top of the liner to protect sharp rocks, animal hoof puncture and other objects from from puncturing the liner.  We recommend ‘sandwiching’ your liner by using the underlayment fabric beneath the liner, and the overlay fabric on top of the liner. It is very difficult to find a puncture or a leak in your pond AFTER you have added all the rocks to the pond.

  • This geotextile will last 20+ years over your liner
  • Material is light weight and will float in water if it is not weighted down.
  • Comes in a 12' width, and can be cut to any length.
AquaFllex liner

Aquaflex Liner

Aqua-Flex is a new highly flexible thermoplastic liner that offers excellent flexibility, puncture and tear resistance and is half the weight of 45 mil EPDM. This weight advantage helps in shipping, installing and fabrication. This is a custom made product which is built according to your specifications.  This product is ideal for larger ponds or dugouts. Delivery time is 2-3 weeks.