Splitters For 12 Volt Lighting

Provides a simple connection of 3 or 6 light fixtures to a single transformer. Multiple 3-way and 6-way quick-connect adaptors can be chained together to attach additional fixtures.

  • 3-way splitter for connecting three light fixtures to a single transformer. Includes 6 inch cord length.
  • 6-way splitter provides a simple connection of 6 light fixtures to a single transformer. Includes 40″ cord length.

25′ Lighting Cables W/Quick-Connects

The 25′ extension cable allows for simple extension of Aquascape lighting.  Ideal for use with our manual 12 Volt transformers and 3-way splitters.

The 25′ Lighting Cable with 5 Quick-Connects – 25-foot cable with 5 quick-connect points (at 5 ft. intervals) allows simple extension of Aquascape LED lighting.

  • For use with Aquascape LED lighting system
  • No need to cut wires
  • Quick-connect system provides weatherproof seal

LED Garden and Pond Waterfall Up Light 1-Watt

  • Light output is equivalent to a 10-watt halogen light
  • 40,000 hour bulb life
  • Features a powerful 1-watt LED diode
  • Natural warm color light output 3000K
  • Integrates easily with other quick-connect 12 volt components
  • Limited five-year full replacement warranty

Garden and Pond LED Spotlights

The Aquascape LED Garden and Pond Spotlight provides beautiful lighting options ideal for use in ponds, waterfalls, gardens or the up-lighting of plants. This energy-efficient, compact light can be placed anywhere a spotlight is needed, and it can be used either in or out of the water. The Aquascape LED Spotlights are constructed of die-cast metal designed for years of use, and their quick connect fittings make for simple installation. The 3000 Kelvin temperature will provide natural-looking white light that will completely transform the way your water feature looks at night. Includes a removable mounting base can be wedged beneath large rocks or covered by gravel, ensuring the fixture maintains proper position beneath cascades.The fixture features 1, 3 or 6 powerful LED diodes equivalent to a 20-watt halogen light. Aquascape LED Spotlights are completely sealed from water and come with a limited 5-Year Full Replacement Warranty.

The Garden and Pond LED spotlights are available  in 1 watt, 3 watt and 6 watt models.

60-Watt Transformer with Photocell

  • 60 Watt 12 Volt Transformer with Photocell.
  • Programable timer to shut off in 4,6 or 8 hours to save electricity and prolong bulb life.
  • Transformers comes with 3 foot power cord.


Colour Changing LED Pond and Garden Lights

New generation remote controllable multi-colour lighting to brighten up your pond or garden. The PondMax Pond & Garden Lighting provides safety, simplicity and cost effectiveness. while adding value to either your pond or garden. With different options and sizes available, each fixture provides endless versatility to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

The RF Remote Control Box offers an easy to use 8 Colour multi-function remote control which can operate the light from up to 10m from the control box. The RF Control Box is needed to operate lights.
You can have up to 8 single colours or a series of flashing or changing modes. To daisy chain these lights, use the light offered without a remote. Comes complete with weighted base and garden spike for use in or out of your pond. Transformer not included. 2 year warranty.

  • Cable Length: 5m
  • Light Bulb Types: LED colour changing; High Powered LED Warm White
  • Fixture Sizes: Small and Large
  • Plug and play connections
  • Four pin daisy chain connection

LED Garden and Pond Spotlight Kit – 3 watt

Aquascape Garden and Pond Light Kit includes everything needed to create a beautiful nighttime focal point in any water garden or traditional landscape. The small compact design allows for installation in even the tightest spaces. Kit includes:

  • Three pre-wired 1-watt LED injected molded lighting fixtures
  • 6-watt /12 V transformer
  • Automatic on/off photo cell with integrated timer
  • Limited five-year full replacement warranty
  • Features a powerful 1-watt LED diode – Light output is equivalent to a 10-watt halogen light
  • 40,000 hour bulb life

Garden and Pond Manual Quick-Connect 12 Volt Transformers

Aquascape manual series transformers feature a 6′ cord and durable epoxy sealed housing. A great transformer to use when manual on/off operation is desired. These transformers can be used with all 12v lighting that includes screw on quick connectors. Transformer includes a single quick-connect cable port for adding a light. Multiple light fixtures can be added by using the 3-Way Splitter.  Available in:

  • 6 watt – to be used with the 1-Watt 12 Volt LED Bullet Spotlight, 3-Watt 12 Volt LED Bullet Spotlight and the 1-Watt 12 Volt LED Waterfall Light.
  • 20 watt and
  • 60 watt models

Garden and Pond 12 Volt Photocell with Digital Timer

Make your pond or garden lighting simple and easy with the Aquascape Garden and Pond 12-Volt Photocell with Digital Timer. Easily integrated with other 12-Volt quick-connect components, the Aquasape Photocell manages your garden and pond lighting by turning the lights on and off at desired times.
  • Repeats programmed schedule daily
  • Auto On at dusk / Off at dawn or 4-6-8 hour timer option
  • Built-in memory setting in case of power loss
  • Integrates easily with other quick-connect 12 volt components
  • Up to 60-Watt capacity
  • 36″ cord
  • Limited five-year full replacement warranty