EPDM Liner – Cut Sizes

45 mil EPDM Fish Safe Liner -

We will cut liner to the length you require. Provide us with your pond dimensions, and we will help you calculate the size of liner you need.

One of your liner dimensions should be divisible by 5, as liner stock comes in incremental widths of 5', starting with the 10' wide liner. We will not cut the liner width.

Easy and inexpensive to install. Won't crack like concrete. Rugged and flexible. 20 year warranty. Cover with rocks and gravel to expand the life expectancy indefinitely.

How to Measure for a Pond Liner:
The formula for determining what size of liner you require is.
1. Measure the "length" and "width" of the desired surface area
2. Add 2 times the depth of the pond plus 1' for overlap on eavh side at the surface.
Example: Pond Size 8' wide x 10' long x 18" depth
Width: 8' across surface + 3' (for the depth) + 2' for the overlap on each side = 13'
Length: 10' across surface + 3' (for the depth) + 2' for the overlap on each side = 15'
Your required liner size would be 13' x 15'.
The important thing to remember is that standard liner stock comes in roll widths of 10', 15', and 20' (increments of 5'). To maximize your investment, make sure that one of your liner measurements match the liner width. Otherwise, you may end up with excessive liner which you you do not need or can't use.