Pond Accessories

Pond Weed Rake

  • Specially designed for removing lake and pond water weeds and free floating debris or plants  as well as digging and pulling stems and roots of lake and pond weeds, slowing or eliminating their re-growth
  • Weighing less than 7 lbs, it is light enough to toss 55 feet away.
  • Rake head is hollow and can be filled with floating material to make it float, or with gravel or other weighted material to make it dig deeper in the bottom
  • Comes in a box that is 2” x 5” x 39″,  has a four section handle that snaps together giving the user up to 11 feet of reach and comes with 43 feet of rope.


Pond Razor

The revolutionary Jenlis Weed Razer™ Express Aquatic Weed Cutter has a unique V-shaped lake weed cutter head with razor sharp blades that are designed to be the most efficient and effective pond tool made to cut or shear almost any type of rooted aquatic vegetation, such as Water Milfoil, lily pads, cattail and pond weeds.   Read the rest of this entry »

Fish/Pond Net with extendable handle

The 17″ wide fine, tangle free skimmer net catches even the smallest debris, making it ideal for quick and easy removal of leaves and other debris. The quick-latch, telescoping handle extends to 35″

Economy Foam Gun

Allows precision dispersion of expanding black foam for sealing waterfalls, streams and water features. Must be used with the Professional cans of waterfall foam.

Waterfall Foam

This black polyurethane waterfall foam is ideal for filling joints and gaps between rocks and boulders maximizing the amount of water cascading over the waterfall and rushing down the stream. It sets within an hour and can be readily hidden by sprinkling pea gravel or sand over the foam while it is still slightly damp. It has some flexibility which accomodates the shifting of the rocks and ground structure over the winter.

Comes in a DIY can, or in the “Professional” size can which requires the use of a Foam Gun applicator.


Used for sealing connections where liner attaches to the BioFalls® Filter snout and the skimmer faceplate.

MICROBE-LIFT / Aqua Xtreme

A Full-Function, Buffered Water Conditioner. It is very important to use MICROBE-LIFT/Aqua XTreme when adding water to a pond that contains chloramines.  Conventional dechlorinators will detoxify the chlorine in the chloramines but do nothing to the ammonia released from the chloramines. MICROBE-LIFT/Aqua XTreme will detoxify both the chlorine and the ammonia in chloramines.

  • Detoxifies Nitrite, Copper & Heavy Metals
  • Removes & Detoxifies Chlorine & Ammonia and destroys Chloramines
  • Boosts Alkalinity and adds Essential Electrolytes
  • Adds A 3-Part Slime Coat Replacer
  • Helps to Reduce Stress