Pumps & Accessories

Aquasurge Pumps

AquaSurge™ Pumps are ideal for use as a high flow pump. The unique design allows the pump to be used vertically or horizontally. The asynchronous motor design ensures the impeller spins in only one direction; maximizing performance, reliability, and minimizing electrical consumption.  All Aquasurge Pumps come complete with a  Limited 3 year warranty.

  • Extremely energy-efficient, saving hundreds of dollars over traditional water pumps
  • Asynchronous motor technology provides high torque, trouble-free performance at higher head heights
  • Oil-free design prevents pond contamination
  • Provides years of trouble-free operation’ made for continuous use
  • Will not corrode or rust
  • Rubber feet reduce noise and vibration
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Plumbing adapter fittings included (threaded coupler, 90 degree elbow, 1 1/2″ discharge,  and 20′ power cord)

The Aquasurge Pro adjustable flow pumps are ideal for use in Pondless® Waterfall applicatons, allowing the falls to be adjusted or turned on and off with a remote when desired

  • Allows you to customize and fine-tune the flow of waterfalls and streams
  • Ability to adjust the flow makes it easy to select the right pump for any application
  • Each remote and receiver are paired together with a unique frequency
  • Available in  2000-4000 gph volume, and 4000-8000 gph volume.

Aquasurge Flow Chart


Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi pumps are world-renowned for their quality, dependability and performance. This line of pumps has been designed to be hydraulically “dialed” into the typical lower head water garden applications. This helps ensure that the pump is performing in its ideal operating range resulting in less vibration and wear and tear on the pump, ultimately resulting in longer pump life. They are available in both the horizontal (PL) and the upright (PN) styles

Tsurumi pump sizes

Tsurumi Pump Chart


Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi Pump specs



  • Max Flow Rate – 11,500 gph
  • Hydraulic design allows the pump to be operated with as little as 1-ft of head
  • Best Efficiency Point- 7,000 gph @ 11 ft of head
  • 3-inch discharge makes it Interchangeable with AquascapePRO™ 10,000
  • Durable cast iron volute, stainless housing and fiberglass reinforced plastic cap
  • Excellent energy efficiency in its class – 1032 Watts = $75.29/mo operating cost*
  • Compact and light-weight – 15” H x 11 5/8” W x 7 11/16” and 31.9 lbs
  • 2-Year Warranty


PVC Flexible Hose

This durable hose can be buried under the soil without fear of the hose being crushed. Use a pvc primer and glue to glue fittings on the hose. The hose comes in a variety of lengths, from 25′ to 100′ long. Hose Sizes:

  • 1″
  • 1.25″
  • 1.5″
  • 2″
  • 3″


AquaForce® asynchronous, solids-handling waterfall and filter pumps combine energy efficient performance, high flow rates and ease of maintenance. The AquaForce® protective pre-filter cage allows the pump to be placed directly into the pond. AquaForce® pumps are able to pump solids up to one quarter of an inch, making it ideal for use with external pressure filters or Aquascape waterfalls type filter systems.

  • Asynchronous motor technology provides high torque, trouble-free performance at higher head heights
  • Easy to maintain providing years of trouble-free operation
  • Durable prefilter cage design prevents clogging and reduces pump maintenance
  • Oil-free design prevents pond contamination
  • Plumbing adapter fittings included
  • Also available in an adjustable flow model (4000-8000 gph pump)


  • Ultra™ Pumps are the complete solution for small ponds, fountains and water features. This all-in-one kit includes a three-way diverter valve and multi-size hose connection making it adaptable to almost any hose or tubing size. Ultra™ Pumps are ideal for supplying water to run fountains, water features, external filters and spitting ornaments.
  • Protective pump input strainer cover and sponge filter prevents debris from damaging pump, thereby reducing maintenance and prolonging pump life
  • Included three-way splitter with valve and multi-hose adapter makes the pump simple to connect almost all hose sizes
  • “Mag-drive” motor technology makes this pump energy efficient and simple to maintain
  • The wide, flat base and rubber feet make the pump stable and reduce vibration
  • Available in zes of 400 gph, 550 gph, 800 gph, 1100 gph and 1500 gph models.

Check Valves

The Aquascape Dual Union Check Valve provides a professional pump and plumbing connection inside the skimmer filter system, as well as the Pondless Waterfall vaults. The heavy-duty swing style  check valve flapper maximizes water flow through the valve when open, while preventing the back flow of water  when the pump is shut off or during a power outage. Union connections on both sides of the valve make pump  and filter  maintenance quick and easy without the use of tools. A set of reversible fittings takes the guess work of finding the right pump or filter fitting and allows the extension of valve height for the taller filter applications. Choose from either a 2″ Dual union check valve or a 3″ CVA check valve.