marginal plants

Alisma/Plantain (Alisma plantago-aquatica)

  • Hardiness: zones 2 – 11
  • Height: 30–100 cm (12–40 in.).
  • Flower: Pale lilac flowers are borne on wide branches and open between 1pm and 7pm each day. Flowering time: June–September. Blooms profusely, but flowers are short lived.
  • Foliage: Most leaves aerial, floating and submerged leaves fairly common in flowing water. Aerial and floating leaves long-stalked, 8–25 cm (3–10 in.) long. Blade ovate, with rounded or cordate base and entire margins. Submerged leaves may have a strap-shaped blade.
  • Comments: Natural habitat is in shallow water of lakes, rivers, and brackish water bays especially on grazed shores, ditches, ponds. Sometimes referred to as Water Baby Breath.

Arrowhead (Sagittaria Latifolia)

  • Hardiness: Zones 3-11
  • Height: 8″ – 12″
  • Flower: white flowers borne on tall spikes.
  • Foliage: The leaves are tall and arrow-shaped
  • Comments: Tubers tend to form deep in the soil, which results in a late starting plant in the spring. Often discarded in the spring because it doesn’t show any signs of growth right away. Also known as Duck Potatoe, but rarely eaten by ducks as tubers are buried too deep.